ASFP Ireland is delighted to announce a new e-learning platform, offering members an online training solution which allows them to study remotely towards the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE) Level 2 and Level 3 certificates in Passive Fire Protection.

ASFP Ireland Members / Irish Participants

  • ASFP Ireland members receive personal feedback, support and coaching within the context of Irish Building & Building Control Regulations.
  • The e-learning platform provides for interaction between the learner and the trainer, this will be supplemented by Zoom calls/presentations where relevant.
  • Those preparing for October IFE Examinations will be provided with a September revision/exam preparation day in the Carlton Dublin Airport Hotel (Covid restrictions permitting).

Adaptive learning techniques

This revolutionary e-learning platform offers a stimulating and unique interactive learning experience. It uses adaptive learning techniques, developed by Area 9, to tailor teaching to each individual’s skills, knowledge, experience, and behaviours, ensuring every learner receives precisely the right level of instruction and support to achieve exceptional levels of understanding and proficiency.

The platform is designed to provide the perfect learning path for each individual, allowing them to develop the necessary competencies in the most efficient and effective way, often reducing learning time, while increasing understanding. ASFP expert trainers are able to monitor each learner’s progress and offer personalised feedback, support and coaching as needed.

The system may be used as a replacement for the existing classroom courses, or offered in a hybrid form, with optional classroom sessions and exam preparation offered as appropriate.  The new course will offer units covering all passive fire protection disciplines, as well as providing underpinning knowledge on fire science.

Original and best

The content is based on the original, tried and tested material from the ASFP’s highly successful classroom courses which, unlike any others, have a proven record of preparing learners for the IFE exam. And with the use of an independent and proven AI based platform, we are confident that this will be the best course available.

The new platform is open for bookings. If you have an existing booking for a postponed course and wish to switch, please contact

For further information on the new e-learning platform and to book visit:


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